Main activities

Equipment for cable manufacturing
• FO telecommunication cables
• Copper telecommunication cables

Equipment for production of composite tubes
• Latest manufacturing technology using LASER or TIG welding for high quality multilayer pipes

Equipment for drip irrigation pipes
• For flat drippers

Know-how transfer for development and manufacture of fiber optic, optical cables and tubes
Through the transfer of technology and development know-how from HODELTECH Sàrl, the customer is able, without prior experience, to produce high quality cables.

The transfer may consist of:
• Complete description of the manufacturing procedure for high quality cables in general
• Detailed description of the manufacturing procedure for the type of cables chosen by the customer
• Work to optimise production of local materials
• Instruction to personnel on how to control materials during production, for both semi-finished and finished products
• Instruction for mechanical cable testing
• Assistance by an expert of HODELTECH Sàrl during start-up period or for a pre-determined period

HODELTECH Sàrl also transfers know-how for development and manufacture for composite pipes.

Technical assistance
• The HODELTECH Sàrl specialists are capable of providing technical assistance, specially in the field of manufacture of composite tubes and fibre optic cables, and in the application of these products in the industry.