Company profile

HODELTECH Sàrl was founded in 2005 as an engineering company with a world-wide reputation for the design, development and manufacture of high quality production lines and components, for the cable and plastics industry.

Since its foundation, HODELTECH Sàrl has put an emphasis in providing its customers global, optimised and adapted solutions, and in giving them benefits of the synergies of its partners.

Today, customer satisfaction is our goal. This involvement is demonstrated by the development of new and enhanced machinery and solutions for our customers, based on innovation and state-of-the-art designs.

HODELTECH Sàrl commitment extends far beyond the supply of equipment that will ensure the best value for customer investment. It also includes service and guarantees for maintenance, spare parts and customer support at any time, worldwide.

HODELTECH Sàrl is based in the heart of Switzerland. Our company has its own assembly and test facilities and our industrial development group maintains close cooperation with customers to survey the market and determine trends, requirements and solutions.